• Omni-channel commerce made easy

    AtTRACT provides a unified and personalised experience for customers across retail channels (in store, online, mobile): it addresses the 4 requests “Know me, show me you know me, enable me and value me” through an easy to implement SaaS solution capable of tailoring relevant marketing messages to customers in real-time.

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Attractive features

Custom Smartphone App

Create a custom branded mobile app to engage your customers with relevant content.

Know your customer

Attract combines data from shopping history, shopper’s smartphone and social media activity, providing you with the most complete customer profile.

Cost efficient solution

All you need is your existing Wi-Fi network. Want to take it to the next level? Use cost-efficient and easy to install iBeacons.

Smart data analytics

We use the latest and greatest machine learning and Big Data has to offer to crunch through customer data and produce actionable metrics.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Make you customers feel special. Provide useful content to help your customers make tough shopping decisions.

Tailored ads

Attract offers you a data driven ad engine. Send your customers tailored offers where they need it, when they need it.


AtTRACT aims to help small retailers expand the brick and mortar shopping experience with online capabilities.

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