AtTRACT aims to help small retailers expand the brick and mortar shopping experience with online capabilities. AtTRACT increases visitor conversion rates and reduces ineffective marketing. This is achieved by the deployment of interactive marketing capabilities at the point of sale.

The core goals of the solution:

  • increase conversion rates from visitor to buyer: Omni-Channel Retailing is an evolution of multi-channel retailing, with a focus on a seamless, integrated, consistent and personalised customer journeys across channels;
  • increase personalised marketing, reduce ineffective efforts: To connect with a new breed of “knowledgeable, demanding, collaborative, interactive, connected, on the move customers” and provide a journey based on their expectations, retailers need to address 4 requests: “Know me, Show me you know me, Enable me and Value me”;
  • a personalised, connected and integrated shopping experience across multiple channels. Painless and seamless.

The solution from a retailer perspective:

  • a simple to integrate SaaS profiling solution;
  • a simple to use SaaS to target clients with relevant messages across platforms;
  • an analytics tool to manage and segment clients based on rich profiling data;
  • higher conversion rates in-shop, in e-shop and increasing brand value.

The solution from a product perspective

  • a SaaS that is compatible with major e-commerce platforms;
  • a mobile App for users (online and in-store use);
  • tracking capability of clients presence in-shop via mobile apps and wireless technologies which provides retailers with access and management capabilities on clients in a cloud-service (Opt-in data);
  • a simple-to-use cloud-based back-office with data management and visualisation to extract value from clients;
  • a solution for retailers (not tailored to a specific commercial sector) that will provide enhanced marketing capabilities for all the players with online and bricks-and-mortars store.